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Magic City Book Festival

April 22, 2023. The third annual 'Behind the Ink' event, where Barbara Mostella will be one of the participating authors. I will sign my Mystery/Suspense series books 'Who would have thought' and 'Consequences of crime, greed, & Love.' This is a captivating investigative series that takes place in the state of Alaska. So bring your family, friends, and co-workers and get a signed copy for your reading pleasure. The event is free and open at the Harper Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

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April 22nd: I will be attending the Me time Book Club 3rd annual Behind the Ink event in Birmingham, Al. I will be selling and autographing my series books 'Who would have thought'. It is free and ope

11/18/2022 - My book series 'Who would have thought' can now be purchased from Strive Bookstore in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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