Who Would Have Thought (series book 1)

 This is a murder mystery filled with romance. The Soco & Soco law firm, run by four brothers, is headquartered in Fairbanks, Alaska, with offices in the District of Columbia and Atlanta, Georgia. Soco has been retained to solve a native Alaskan suicide case that was closed three years ago in DC after an extensive investigation. Even though this event happened in the DC area, evidence found in Georgia has proven beneficial.The victims' brother Johnny brought this case to the firm based on new evidence of his brother having an affair. Johnny realizes reopening this case will not only bring more grief to him, but the victim's immediate family, especially his wife, Violet.


You can find this book at Amazon, & Barnes and Noble, IfoundThisGreatBook, IngramSpark, Ashville Alabama public library, and Denver, Colorado public library (Central, Hampden, and Ross-University Hills).

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