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Who Would Have Thought


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Soco & Soco law firm run by four brothers is headquartered in Fairbanks, Alaska with offices in the District of Columbia and Atlanta Georgia. The firm was handed a case that had supposedly been solved and closed three years ago in the District of Columbia. Even though it happened in the Washington area, it was investigated in both the state of Georgia and the District of Columbia. The brothers felt this case should be handled by the best, Alphonso.

Alphonso is the firm’s most experienced investigator, who is not only well known across the state of Alaska but also in the D. C. area where this case had been investigated. Many other firms in the Alaska area have sought to pull him away from Soco & Soco, but this firm is like a family to him, so he has been happy working with and for them and they pay him well.  He is known for solving almost any type of case. Alphonso is single and thirty-four years of age and has been focused on work so much his personal life has suffered. The brothers have been teasing him about he is becoming an old man and needs to find himself a wife. So, he has said while working on this case he is going to find that special lady.

The victim’s brother Johnny, who brought this case to the firm, has never believed the outcome and felt like the Washington police department did not do an in-depth investigation. After three years Johnny found new evidence on his own for this case to be reopened. For the Soco law firm to reopen this case, they put a condition on the brother. For the initial investigation there was no autopsy performed, so Johnny must get authorization from the family to have the body exhumed, to allow an autopsy to be performed by the coroner. Johnny realizes that by reopening this case that not only him, but the victim’s immediate family especially his wife Violet will have to go through this all over again, and will most likely bring more grief to them, but he feels that justice will be brought to the one person no one expected.

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